Getting Things Done the book by David Allen

Getting Things Done the book by David Allen

Did you miss David Allen’s presentation at PWN in early 2015 about Getting Things Done? Were you going to read David’s book, but didn’t quite get to it yet? Or are you just too busy and would like to get a grip on all the things you need to do? Now is your chance to start Getting Things Done!

The official David Allen Company GTD training

You’ll receive a one day official training, developed by the David Allen Company. During this day you will learn the entire system of Getting Things Done (or GTD for short). Upon completion of this day you will come away knowing everything you need to know in order to use GTD for the rest of your life!

All the official David Allen Company training material is included with your training. As a PWN-member you’ll get a smashing 60% off the regular price of € 719,95. Non-members receive a 50% discount through PWN! So don’t miss this one-time-only offer!

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Angelique Bouwman & David Allen

Angelique Bouwman & David Allen (Mr GTD)

Angelique Bouwman is a certified practitioner, GTD-expert and PWN member. The 2015 new years event of PWN played an important role in my certification as GTD-expert. Angelique is trained in GTD level 1, GTD level 2 and works as a trainer with the David Allen Company through their licensing-holding in the Benelux: Meereffect.

“I’m an enthusiastic fan of Davids work for 15 years. I picked up his book ‘Getting Things Done’ as I was looking for a better way to do my job as a producer back in 2001. I could not have done all the things I did for the past 15 years without this system. My life would not have been the same!” [Angelique Bouwman]

Facts and figures about the training

Date:  Saturday april 16th 2016 OR: Friday may 27th
Time: 10:00-17:00 (open @ 9:30)
Location: Organizing Academie – Amsterdam Oud-West
Pricing (21% vat included): € 295,- (pwn-members)
Note! The discount will be applied after the promocode has been entered,
€ 345,- (non-pwn-members)
Included: training-material, coffee, tea
# attendees: 5-12 (maximum)
Language: English

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What is Getting Things Done (GTD)?

GTD is a system. It helps you organize your life and keep track of everything you need to maintain or regain control quickly. We all need to take care of ourselves and GTD can help us do just that! It helps us get ahead in business as well as in our personal lives. When it comes to leadership and self management we need tools to help us lead and manage; GTD is an excellent tool for this!

What can GTD do for me?

It can help you:

  • regain control
  • gain insight
  • get overview
  • make better choices
  • manage your agenda
  • save time
  • do what must be done
  • enjoy life more

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